Custom Sprayers

Grower Equipment has been custom building sprayers for over 30 years. From 5 to 10,000 gallons we can help you get the job done.

This 200 gallon low profile Turf Sprayer leaves room for you to have other product in your truck.

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Standard Pickup Truck Sprayer

100, 200, or 300 gallon tanks. Comes standard with Honda engine, Comet pump. Optoinal 300' hose and electric hose reel. Off the side mount to conserve room in truck bed and easy access for operator. Steel Tube frame with heavy duty hold down anchors to mount into most pickup truck beds securely.

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Utility Vehicle Sprayer

100 gallon tank, compact and low profile frame style, Honda engine, Hypro pump, Hose and optional electric hose reel and hose. Compact frame style allows this sprayer to fit into most utility vehicle beds. Optional boom can be mounted and fitted for any application.

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Compact Skid Mount Utility Sprayer

50-100 gallon tank mounted on low profile skid frame. Honda engine, Hypro pump. Can fit in most utility vehicles and all small truck beds, while allowing the operator the best visibility possible. Mostideal for pest control vehicles. Optional electric or manual hose reel, and spray boom can be added.

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3 Point Hitch Sprayers

50-100 gallon tank mounted on heavy duty steel 3 point hitch frame. Several pump options available. Optional hose reel and boom kit available. (pictured with all options)

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Roll-Off Watering Systems

925 gallon tank mounted on a roll-off frame, usable on many types of trucks. Honda engine, Comet pump, hose and electric hose reel. Can be made to pull water from an outside water source (i.e. lake, pond, hydrant, stream, etc.). If you can think of an application we can make it work for you.

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Horse Arena Water Wagon

1035 gallon tank mounted on an 8 ton running gear, with honda pump, and flood nozzles on back. Designed to allow the driver easy access with front mounted valves and shutoffs. Can be equipped with cornering nozzle kit, pond suction kit, and pressure washer kit.

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Indoor Watering System

25-50 gallon tank mounted on a wheeled frame, electric pump, hose and gun. Electric pump allows application inside green houses or other indoor needs.